PASD’s Roosevelt Elementary School Names a 2017 School of Distinction

PASD’s Roosevelt Elementary School Names a 2017 School of Distinction
Posted on 11/08/2017
PASD’s Roosevelt Elementary School Names a 2017 School of DistinctionFrom Washington State’s Center for Educational Effectiveness:  Roosevelt Elementary School is a 2017 School of Distinction (SOD)!  Now in its 11th year, the School of Distinction awards were created in the summer of 2007 to recognize the highest improving schools (top 5%) in Washington State. The awards are not intended as a replacement for state and federal accountability measures of school performance, but rather as a supplemental measure to recognize and celebrate school staff, students, and leaders who improve performance for all students over a sustained period of time in English language arts (ELA) and mathematics. The methodology has remained unchanged over the 11 years other than allowing for the transition from Measures of Student Progress (MSP) to Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBA) starting in 2015.

School of Distinction (SOD) 2015, 2016, and 2017 uses percentile ranks (normalized data) over 5 years in Reading/English Language Arts and Math (Elementary & Middle School Awards).  In the past, percent meeting standard for reading and math was the measure used in SOD. As seen with the results of SBA in 2015, the percent meeting standard in ELA and math has dropped at all grade levels. Since it’s difficult to have “improvement” when the entire state declined at all grade levels due to the use of a different measurement tool, instead of using percent meeting standard as the measure, CEE has translated percent meeting standard to percentile ranks for each year and each content area for each grade level. For example, if a school is at the 65th percentile, then it is performing above 65% of the schools in the state at that grade and subject area.  These percentiles are calculated for each year by combining reading/ELA and math percentiles. The 5-year trend of improvement for each year is then used to measure improvement (in percentile ranks) over the 5-year period.

The School of Distinction award is the only one in the state entirely focused on combined improvement in ELA and math for Elementary and Middle Schools, and Graduation Rate for High Schools, sustained over a five-year period. Achieving this award requires continued, intentional effort from leaders and staff members. “It is truly an award that recognizes the accomplishments of a dedicated and focused group of adults doing their best work for their students,” said Marilyn McGuire, Vice President, School and District Improvement, at the Center for Educational Effectiveness, via e-mail.

Superintendent Marc Jackson and Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning Chuck Lisk addressed the assembled staff after school on Monday, November 6, giving them the good news in the school library.  The mood was joyful!

“Your work over the last five years in the areas of ELA and math has not gone unnoticed,” Principal Michelle Olsen told her staff.  ” This award is a tribute to your tireless pursuit of helping ALL students be successful learners.”

“Everyone had a part,” continued Olsen, “Including our school lunch staff, our nurse, custodians, para educators, office staff, support staff, and teachers. We can’t give our best instruction without having a clean and bright space for students. We can’t give our best without our office helping behind the scenes for family and health support. We can’t give our best without our lunch crew serving up healthy breakfasts and lunches. We can’t do our best without partnering with parents and our Roosevelt Parent Teacher Organization. This describes our learning community at Roosevelt.”

“This is a huge honor, to be recognized as part of the highest improving schools in Washington,” stated Superintendent Jackson.  “This staff has worked very hard, and they deserve the recognition for their efforts.”

Roosevelt School will receive a 2017 School of Distinction banner to hang in their building.  The School Board will have a special presentation for Roosevelt Elementary during the January 4, 2018 board meeting. 

For more information about the Center for Educational Effectiveness, go to www.Effectiveness.org.

For more information about Roosevelt Elementary, go to the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) website at www.k12.wa.us, and click on State Report Card to view information about public schools in Washington.

For more detail, see attached ESD document on 2017 School of Distinction Awards Regional Examples.  Roosevelt Elementary is listed on page 7, under Educational Service District 114 – Olympic Peninsula.  A graph illustrates that Roosevelt Elementary, a school at the 70th percentile, is scoring above 70% of all schools at their level (elementary or middle school) over the past five years (2013 – 2017) in the areas of English language arts and math.  Only twenty-six schools, either elementary or middle school, in Washington State received this distinction.  Washington State has 295 school districts.

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